Rose & Spice Essential Oils

The finest & purest essential oils. Simply amazing! Every drop is delightful. They always reminds me of the miracle of creation and how we can benefit from the fascinating science they behold.

The power of authentic essential oils cannot be taken lightly so use absolute caution. Follow instructions. Seek advice from an aromatherapist.

*Do not treat children unless advised by a knowledgable doctor or a trusted certified aromatherapist in an acute situation. Certainly do not have children ingest essential oils!

*NEVER treat infants or diffuse essential oils near an infant. Why would you? It is very risky. It is not worth the damaging effects they can have in the wrong situations. Be very wise and very careful! The same rule applies to anyone who is pregnant or very sick/weak or battling through cancer. Essential oils are not a cure all for everything nor are they tolerated by everyone (even if they are perfectly healthy). Be careful!

Rose & Spice Wild and Organic Essential Oils (coming soon)

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Have a healthy hope-filled May 2020!

Shalom Aleichem

~ Peace be Upon You ~