About the creator of Rose & Spice Organics

Ruth is the owner, creator and developer of Rose And Spice. 
She started her training in Beauty Therapy (for face and body) in England at the early age of 16. She has also studied the science and beauty of Aromatherapy. Much of Ruth's European training was implemented immediately. At the age of 17, in addition to extensive training she often volunteered in the local hospital providing her therapeutic treatments to patients because she recognized the value of physical touch and the use of essential oils to promote healing. She later utilized her aromatherapy, beauty and massage training at a famous country health farm and a large nursing home, both in England.
Since moving to the United States, Ruth has continued her work in beauty therapy. However, in 2009 she left the day spa world and opened The English Rose Organic Spa. This gave Ruth the freedom to use the safest and purist organic products she could find to give her clients the healthy alternatives they deserved.

Now Ruth's passion to release the God given healing properties of organic products has led her to create her own carefully formulated skincare products, treatment blends, anointing oils and provide the purest essential oils. In addition to the natural benefits that her products contain, you are certain to notice the beautiful aroma of Heaven contained in these unique organic formulations.

We hope you thoroughly enjoy the exceptional quality and results of these royal products!

Have a healthy hope-filled May 2020!

Shalom Aleichem

~ Peace be Upon You ~